Post-Pandemic Evolution of Marketing – Investors’ Perspectives

Marketers always need to keep up with the trends and changes in technology so their lead generation and retention can stay optimal. In recent years, the scope has shifted from just bringing in customers to keeping them engaged and ensuring renewals. The pandemic forced companies of all sizes to re-examine how they run their business... Continue Reading →

Imagination powered by artificial intelligence at TiE Inflect 2018

  While Mark Zuckerberg has been away in Washington, D.C. last week testifying about data misuse and cybersecurity, we can only assume that his personal robot assistant, Jarvis, has been helping run his household. Named after Iron Man’s infamous aide, Zuckerberg has boasted before that his Jarvis can play music, control household appliances, and even... Continue Reading →

Assembling the Key Components of Continuous Delivery

As agile methodology was popularized at the start of last decade, engineering teams gained the opportunity to begin producing software in shorter cycles, while releasing it reliably at more frequent intervals. This concept garnered greater attention in 2009, when Tim Fitz published his thoughts on continuous deployment. By the time Jez Humble authored his seminal book,... Continue Reading →

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